Chain Saw Sharpener

Chain Saw Safety and Maintenance

Safety should be one of your prime considerations when sharpening your chain saw.  Always consult the manual for your saw and sharpen it in a well lit area where you can focus all of your attention on the task at hand.  If you’re not used to this kind of work I recommend that you wear [...]

Knowing When to Use Your Chain Saw Sharpener

Besides knowing how to sharpen your chain saw, you also need to know when your chain saw needs sharpening. By the time you’ve bucked up several trees into blocks, the chain will probably be at the point of requiring sharpening.  Your chain saw should cut just as well as when it was brand new. If [...]

Best Chain Saw Sharpener

Everyone that owns a chain saw knows that you need to sharpen the chain from time to time with a chain saw sharpener. Good maintenance is required for almost every power tool, including hydraulic presses, but especially a chain saw which is quite often used in rugged conditions. You need to make sure that you [...]