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Chain Saw Safety and Maintenance

Safety should be one of your prime considerations when sharpening your chain saw.  Always consult the manual for your saw and sharpen it in a well lit area where you can focus all of your attention on the task at hand.  If you’re not used to this kind of work I recommend that you wear a pair of leather gloves.

You’ll recognize when your chain saw is dull because it will seem like it’s never going to get through the log.  You’ll be cutting and cutting and the saw just won’t get to the other side.  This is when you know that you need to sharpen your saw.  Don’t continue to try and force the saw through the wood – this is when accidents tend to happen.

Sometimes it is a good idea to take your saw to a professional chain saw sharpener the first time.  Make sure you ask lots of questions, including what size of file they use, and any other tips you can think to ask.  The teeth on a chain that has been recently sharpened with a chain saw sharpener will be as sharp as a razor blade.  Of course, if you buy a quality chainsaw that can also make a difference sometimes.

A good sharpening shop should be more than happy to help you out, because if you can maintain the chain sharpness yourself with quick touch ups then when you bring the saw in for a professional sharpening their job will be even easier.  Don’t forget to store your saw in a chainsaw case to protect it when travelling long distances.

Every time you sharpen your chain saw you should check the lubrication.  The chain sprocket at the front of the bar should be greased every time you sharpen the saw.  Not many people realize there’s a grease fitting for the front sprocket because it’s so small.  This will require a little pocket-sized grease applicator with the small nipple fitting that’s made for the saw.  You should also check the back end of the bar for any excessive debris that may be jammed in the housing.

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